China, Mimaki Cutter Blades and how to help yourself...

Recently we bought some new cutting blades for our Mimaki CG-61 Vinyl Cutter - since the one we were using is not usable any more. The first blades we bought are those ones:

Long story short: The deliverd blades with 2mm diameter - not usable for mimaki machines. They require 1.5 mm diameter. It was a slight nightmare to get our money back, the seller did not want to work with us. The dispute was settled as soon as Aliexpress itself interviened and forced the seller to pay our money back.

Of course, we ordered new ones, this time from a different seller:

Long story short: Same same, but different. Again, they delivered the wrong blades, again, 2 mm diameter. We opened a dispute again, and are waiting for response of the seller.

But, there is light at the end of the tunnel: A friend of my lent me a little miniature lathe. With this little machine I managed to get the diameter of the blades down to 1.5 mm. It took some trial and error, but the 3rd blade I tried to thin down actually made it trough the process, and it fits no in the original mimaki blade holder. Yay! We are cutting vinyl again! (And hopefully won’t pay anything for the blades)

To give you some perspective: This blade in the lathe here is already thinned down to 1.5 mm diameter: