NGINX - ipv6

A few days ago our NGINX reverse proxy startet to do weird stuff - at least, I thought so. When you tried to open you got an error message regarding the ssl certificate not matching the url you’re trying to open.

First, it seemed hat the problem fixed itself - even that shouldn’t be possible in the first place. Reason being: I opened the same website in the same browser an hour later, but on a different location.

Some investigation later - and with some input from others - I realized that same webpace is working perfectly if I tried to connect via ipv4. A little more into it, I came across the SLI plugin from NGINX, but that wasn’t responsible for the problem.

Today, after fiddeling around with the config files of the virtual hosts on the reverse proxy I finally found out what cauesd the problem: It seems, NGINX does some weird stuff, if it doesn’t know from which network interface the request came through.

Changing the line

listen [::}:443:

to the server’s own ipv6 address

listen [aaaa:bbbb:cccc::1]:443:

fixed the problem